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Products and services in the payment industry are often far too similar. Rarely do we encounter innovations that really set something off or even change the prevailing structure of the market.

Professional program management must identify the true needs of issuer, co-branding / distribution partner and - above all - consumers, determine the relevant drivers and implement the right measures. Only then can effective solutions come into being.


PaySMART stands out due to sound analyses, an astute feeling for the market players' behaviour and an unrestricted ability to put into practice.

Profit from our experience:

  • extensive market know-how and understanding of the different market players' interests
  • understanding of actual consumer needs, focussing on the creation of customer benefits and the stimulation of desired customer behaviour
  • optimization of the overall added value of a card portfolio and of a fair, yet incentivizing allocation between partners, taking their strategic interests into account
  • proven capability in breaking up structures ad overcoming psychological barriers in order to successfully implement complex card programmes

We accompany you and your payment projects with personal commitment, utmost competency and a lot of passion.

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